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Mostly just okay. I think that even if this had been released when it was topical, I still would have found it a bit lacking. The timing of the jokes felt a bit off.

Also, while the animation was clean, it was also a bit stiff and robotic. Might want to work on fluidity of motion for whatever you do next.

Aside from that, I thought it was pretty good.

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Not terrible, but the art style was a bit off. Seeing Storm Chaser would have been good. Also, the faces all look like colt faces for some strange reason - felt very, very off.

I liked the design of the Wonderbolt, and the overall aesthetic was actually rather attractive (discluding the faces). Very smooth.

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Sorry to be the voice of brutal reason, but I need to slam you a bit.
Your animation was somewhat sub-par.
The lack of a preloader is offensive, as it makes the animation loop forever.
The sound is terrible quality, especially the voice, which seems like you made it shorter and faster to save space.

Sorry, but a nice idea doesn't make a good animation.

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While the gameplay was fairly good, there were some definite problems.

#1 - Way to easy. Like, seriously, it was one of the easiest games I've ever played.

#2 - Hit Windows. The enemies occupy vague spaces, which is fine, of course, but the spaces are too large, and they hit you when they shouldn't. Especially the final boss' tail attack, which I was nowhere near when I was hit by it.

#3 - Sound. Seemed a little lackluster. There doesn't seem to be a hit sound effect when you're struck by an enemy.

teejay-number13 responds:

#1 - It was supposed to be easy. Since it wasn't a serious game, most people may not have finished playing if it wasn't easy.

#2 - Yeah I know about the tail hitting you when I shouldn't but fixiing would require changes to all the other attacks and enemies, since most run off the same class file. I can't think of any other enemy or attack that hits you when you're not touching them. Oh and Asylus isn't the final boss, you didn't play it long enough, even though you said it was too easy.

#3 - I could have added a "hit" sound effect but I didn't feel the need to because there are visual cues when you are hit or hit an enemy, namely flashing.

The control is really a mess in this game. It seems like my character can't decide whether to over-respond or under-respond to my input, almost like it should be played with a joystick. But this is a PC game, and that means it has to play well with a digital pad (arrow keys).

Tighten the control, and it'll be acceptable.

Ugh, dear GOD. I have a strong stomach and great eyes, but this game made me feel like puking and gave me a splitting headache after about 20 seconds of gameplay. The constant throbbing motion combined with the loud colors is Hell on me.

If the constant motion were taken out, it might be fun. As it is, it's a nightmare.

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Well done.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go save the world from Team Rocket and kick Lance's ass so hard there I don't have a comparison for it.

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I really wish I had Beats or something to listen to this with, because it would make the bass sick. As it is, the bass is clipping out, and I think it needs to be taken down just a little; I shouldn't need specialty headphones just to listen to music. Sweet beat though, 8/10.


It's cool. But it needs to be faster. I just don't feel the thrill of this song when it goes this slow. Add a little speed, and my rating will definitely go up.

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Very well drawn. It definitely matches your photo realism goal, and it's amazing. I actually saw this movie, for a minute I thought this could've been a poster that was used for the movie! Even though you used a reference, I feel this deserves a 5/5 and a 9/10, especially since you drew it from scratch. One point off for using a reference, but no more. Purely awesome.


Cool to look at what he'd look like on different consoles. Next time, I'd add a computer or an N64 to the mix, just to give it a bit more depth. For what it is, it's awesome, so it gets a 10/10.

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It's pretty, if it lacks purpose. Sometimes, that's how it should be, and I think that was the intention. It has a nice hand-drawn feel to it, but also gives of a modernish style. Very cool, indeed. 8/10, with a two star removal for lack of point, and not enough coloring. More colors and I might put those stars back on.

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mindmaster123 responds:

Thanks for the advice I will have colors in mind ;)

I'm eating out tonight.

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