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Entry #23

Oh, you saw that?

2012-01-08 01:21:26 by GuitarKirby

Thanks for dropping by my page from my most recent animation. I'd advertise for it, but you obviously used it to get here. Instead, I'll advertise my DeviantArt (here), and enjoy my awesome artwork.

For those of you that favorited me, I just saw you today. Thanks, guys, I hardly deserve it. This next little bit is aimed at you.
I worked on this for about three months, total. It took longer than that to come out because I got bored with it, and suffered from animator's block. I've also had a slight bout of depression recently, which seems to spur me into animating after I escape it. I've also been writing, and my finals started this week. I wanted to manage to get this out before finals completely take over my life. I mentioned some projects before this, scratch pretty much all of them. I might do little things once in a while, but I want to get into voice acting and finish writing my book. Keep up to date from my DevArt, since I hang out there more than anywhere except here, and I update it more often. My skill in drawing is superior to my animating skill anyway. Have a nice day, folks.


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